Affordable acupuncture in a community setting
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Welcome to Pinned Community Acupuncture!

We are delighted that you have decided to try acupuncture with us. Here are some things you should know:

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting tiny needles under the skin at specific points in order to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself.  The most important thing about acupuncture is not why it works, but how amazingly well it works.  Acupuncture is effective for an enormously wide range of conditions, so wide that is is likely that it will help almost any problem to some degree, even if it can't cure it entirely.  Besides being effective for a lot of different specific conditions, acupuncture is beneficial in some general ways for everyone: it usually improves sleep, energy,and mood, as well as reducing stress.  

Acupuncture is very old, and nobody really knows why it works. There are a lot of different theories, but they are all just theories. We believe that people should be able to try it and decide for themselves if they want to use it to improve their health.  In most cases, people need a series of treatments in order to get good results. Your acupuncturist will suggest a treatment plan: how often you should come in and when you might expect to see results.

If you have other questions about acupuncture, please check out the free ebook/audio version, Why Did You Put That Needle There? by fellow community acupuncturist Andy Wegman at

About the Community Setting

Community acupuncture is a way of delivering acupuncture to make it affordable to more people. When acupuncture is too expensive, people often don’t get enough treatments to get good results. Our goal at Pinned Community Acupuncture is to make it possible for you to get as much acupuncture as you want to get. 

Community acupuncture means that instead of treating people in separate, individual cubicles, we treat everybody in a shared space, in recliners. You do not need to disrobe. Once you are comfortable in a recliner that you like, we will generally ask you to take off your shoes and socks and to roll your pants up to your knees and your sleeves up to your elbows and silence cell phones. Most conversations happen at the whisper level, because there will most likely be at least one person who is asleep in the treatment room at any given time. After your acupuncturist puts the needles in, your job is to relax and let them work. You can stay as long as you like; most people stay between 45 minutes and an hour. When you are ready to go, just open your eyes and give us a meaningful look, smile, or wink when we walk through the treatment room. We’ll come over and take your needles out.

We have ambient music and white noise machines in the treatment room; you are welcome to bring iPods or other personal listening devices if you prefer your own music or guided meditation. People do snore sometimes, so if snoring bothers you, you should consider bringing an iPod or earphones. You are also welcome to bring your own neck pillows or blankets if you prefer them to ours. We won't be offended.

About our business

Pinned Community Acupuncture is a social business. (For more information about social business, check out Creating a World without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism by Muhammad Yunus.) This means that Pinned is designed to produce social dividends rather than profits, but we are not a nonprofit or a charity. It means that Pinnedonly breaks even financially, while providing as much affordable acupuncture as possible and creating as many living wage jobs for acupuncturists as we can. We do not receive any grants or government funding; we depend entirely on fees for service. If you enjoy your experience, please tell your friends, because word of mouth referrals are what keep us open.

The purpose of the sliding scale ($20 -$40 per visit and a $10 new patient paperwork fee) is to make sure that you can get enough acupuncture to get good results. Please don't try to pay us too much and then not come in often enough. We would rather that you come in more often and pay less – really and truly. We want you to get good results and then tell everybody you know that acupuncture works! If you are having any financial difficulties with your treatment plan, please talk with your acupuncturist.

A short film on community acupuncture by Lucy Kervin L.Ac. Lucy is a acupuncturist at NE Community Acupuncture & Wellness Center.